Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Bristorm specialise in the design and manufacture of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and anti-ram systems tested to the appropriate Vehicle Security Barrier (VSB) Impact standards including: BSI PAS 68, BSI PAS 170, IWA 14-1 and ASTM F2656. Bristorm HVM and anti-ram products will protect crowded, vulnerable and commercial locations, perimeters and Critical National Infrastructure from vehicle-borne attacks.

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What is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM)?

  • Vehicle-borne threats range from vandalism to calculated and/or aggressive attacks by determined groups and/or an individual.
  • The vehicle itself can be used as a weapon and/or as a means of transporting dangerous and explosive devices.
  • The information provided below will help assess site strengths and vulnerabilities to ultimately identify which Bristorm HVM products are suitable for protecting against vehicle-borne threats.

Determining the type of vehicle-borne threat being faced

Consider the following:

  • Modus Operandi (MO) - A combination of attack methods used upon the security barrier including: parked, penetrative, deception and the use of hand tools or explosives to breach perimeter/fence lines.
  • Threat vehicle(s) - Characteristics include mass, speed and structure and vehicle specific capabilities.
  • Blast effect - Especially if considering VBIED attack.
  • Blast stand-off distance - Site operational needs and the site security plan must be taken into consideration.

Assessing site strengths and vulnerabilities

Consider the following:

  • Develop detailed security and operational requirements for HVM. 
  • Practical site assessment - The local area, blast stand-off, the movement of traffic and the vehicular and pedestrian access control points must be acknowledged.
  • Communicate with Bristorm for further technical and expert security guidance.

Reducing site vulnerability and mitigating vehicle-borne threats

Consider the following:

  • Aims of the HVM strategy and how it best supports other security measures.
  • Traffic calming.
  • Anti-Vehicle Security Barriers - To provide vehicle impact protection and maintain blast stand-off. 
  • Traffic management.
  • Vehicle access control - consider deployment of: Security Fences, Access Control Gates, Anti-Ram/Anti-Vehicle Bollards and Wire Rope Perimeter Fences.

Public and Private Sector

Integration of HVM measures is neccessary, with the design and functionality being the most important factors. The needs of local businesses or the general public must not be compromised; different security solutions provide different levels of protection to meet your exact requirements. All HVM products will be tested against the following standards:

  • BSI PAS 68
  • BSI PAS 170- Bollards Only
  • IWA 14 - 1
  • ASTM F2656

All Bristorm Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions are tested to all these standards, including their Perimeter Security Fences, PAS 68 Impeder Bollards and NEW Stopper PAS 170 Bollards.

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