Bristorm HVM Street Furniture

Bristorm have designed and manufactured a range of aesthetically pleasing crash rated HVM Street Furniture and the core is compliant with the latest BSI PAS 68 standard. Bristorm's range of visually appealing furniture solutions exceeds expectations and is suitably applied to the street scene within high profile areas and city centres.

Their high product performance is not compromised and these systems will help mitigate vehicle borne threats therefore providing effective counter terror protection to the general public and UK infrastructure. Their range is inclusive of crash rated cycle hoops, crash rated planters and crash rated living walls, also known as green screens.

Bristorm are experienced Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solution manufacturers and this new range maintains their strong reputation for having high quality and high performance systems. Bristorm’s effort to design a HVM Street Furniture range that complies with architects’ aesthetic requirements is widely acknowledged; these aesthetics create a subtle appearance whilst maximising product functionality throughout.


Bristorm Street Furniture 

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