Stainless Steel Sleeve

  • Bollard core tested to BSI PAS 68 or BSI PAS 170
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Dome | Mitre | Flat Top
  • Variety of colours and reflective strips available
  • Un-compromised product performance
  • Sleeve fixed surface level or below
  • Additional branding available; please contact us for further information
Bristorm Impeder Sleeves


Classic Finish.

Bristorm aesthetically pleasing designs sit comfortably over Bristorm Impeder and Bristorm Stopper Bollards, tested to BSI PAS 68 or BSI PAS 170, therefore ensuring their high product performance isn’t compromised.

Bristorm Stainless Steel Bollard Sleeves are available in a variety of finishes and colours, but LED lighting solutions and branding requirements can also be integrated. Bespoke designs can be developed that do not disturb the systems’ PAS 68 or PAS 170 crash rating, making them suitable for use in crowded places, city centres and locations with heavy infrastructure.  

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