HVM Pedestrian Guardrail

Multi-Purpose HVM

Advertise  .  Control  .  Protect

  • Core tested to BSI PAS 68BSI PAS 170 or IWA 14-1
  • Variety of finishes available
  • Variety of panel configurations and designs
  • Secured above or below surface level
  • Additional branding solutions available
  • Panels can be rented out as advertising space

Street Furniture Pedestrian Guardrail

Control and Protect.

HVM Pedestrian Guardrail is the newest Street Furniture Sleeve to be added to the collection. Again, this system can comfortably sit over any Impeder Bollard or Stopper Bollard all of which are tested to BSI PAS 68, BSI PAS 170 or IWA 14-1.

This Security Pedestrian Guardrail is available in a vareity of colours and panel configurations to ensure your aesthetic requirements are met. Queue control and managing pedestrian flow gives this system increased level of functionality, particularly if installed outside arenas, stadia, theme parks and shopping outlets. It will help keep both pedestrians and asset safe from any vehicle borne attack, intentional or accidental.

Make money from your HVM with the PAS 170 Pedestrian Guardrail... Rent the panels out as advertising space to local businesses!

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